Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Glitter Shoes Tutorial

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Halloween is just around the corner and I finished the final touches of my daughters costume last night! I'm super excited. 

I love all holidays, even the made up ones like Valentines day! I don't care, I just love to celebrate! And don't go telling me that holidays are evil.... yadda yadda yadda... I don't care! I think it's about your heart and my heart is to have fun on this night! 

 So my little girl is going to be Tinkerbell! And my dad's girlfriend bought her the Tink outfit (THANKS!!!) but I needed to get all the little extras to make her look the part! So I found a petticoat at a resale shop and these silver shoes at Old Navy (on sale for $6!!!)

Then I grabbed my 40% coupon for Michael's and bought some lime green glitter! (I already had all the other supplies.) i.e. Mod Podge, two white pom pom's, and a foamy brush.

Then I poured out some Mod Podge on a paper plate, mixed in some of the glitter for good measure and started to paint the glue/glitter mixture on half of the shoe. (This way I could still hold part of the shoe for the next step.)

Once I had the entire portion covered I started to pour on the glitter (on a new paper plate so that I could re-use all the glitter the fell off of the shoe). Just before knocking off any excess glitter I pressed down onto the shoe with the glitter to ensure that all the glitter would stick to the Mod Podge glue/glitter mixture. Then I gently tapped off the excess glitter and gave the finished section a little spray with some aerosol hairspray.

Then repeat that over on the other parts of your shoes until they are perfectly glittered!. Let these sit overnight before trying them on! I even waited to hot glue the little pom pom's on until the next morning.
These are my Tinkerbell masterpieces!

And here's Tinkerbell herself! Wahooooo lets go get some candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking in!!! 

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  1. Emily looks like you in this picture... you should bust out some old custom pictures of you at this age, if you have any, and do a comparison


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